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Cast: Bella Ranee, Pope Thanavat, Punjan Prama, Prang Kannarun
Genre: Period, Romance, Drama

Release: Oct 2023
26 x 70′

Love Destiny sequel picks up immediately after the previous part where 17th century wicked and selfish Ayutthaya era dead noblewoman Karakade is revived when the soul of a virtuous modern-day woman. She gave birth to twins, Rid and Ruang which marks the prelude for this epic love story. Fast forward to present day, Pudtarn chance meeting with one of the twins, Rid  results in inexplicable love connection as they try to unravel each other’s strange past. Pudtarn finally realizes how she’s part of the vicious karmic cycle which could be hard to break away from. 

Cast: Mario Maurer, Kimberley Anne Woltemas, Masu Junyangdikul, Sirilak Kwong
Genre: Period, Romance, Drama/Comedy

Release: Mar 2023
22 x 70′

Bua (Kimberley Anne Woltermas), a medical student from today’s modern society.  She mysteriously travels back in time to King Rama III’s reign, known as the golden era of Thai traditional medicine. Bua’s modern ways clashes with the old traditions as she faces allies and rivals along her journey in the period realm. She finds herself teaming up with the second son of the country’s most respected doctor, Thong-Ohn (Mario Maurer). She discovers his kindness and brilliance which sparks an unlikely relationship between the two.  A mysterious storm sends Bua back to modern day and she finds herself torn between staying in the past for love and her present-day life. 

Cast: Anne Thongprasom, Ananda Everingham, Patricia Tanchanok Good 
Genre: Drama, Thriller

Release: Aug 2023
16 x 70′

Adapted from BBC Studios’ “Doctor Foster,” Dr. Janepitcha’s (Anne Thongprasom) is a successful psychiatrist, loving wife and mother.  Her picture-perfect life is shattered when she suspects her husband – Athin (Ananda  Everingham) of having an affair with a young college student, Kate (Patricia Good). Dr. Janepitcha spirals out of control – behaving in ways she never imagined – threatening everyone around her and tearing her family apart.

Cast: Mark Prin, Yaya Urassaya, Mean Phiravich, Pear Pitchapa
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Release: 2024
20 x 70′

Charming, and witty Mueang (Mark Prin) is an outspoken geologist who enjoys tree-hugging as a pastime. While Apo / View (Yaya Urassaya) is an overworked architect, was fired from her company and cheated on by her boyfriend. The couple meet, sparks fly and unexpectedly spend the night together.  But Apo/View left without a word.

They meet again in the most of awkward situation, as Apo/View was to have her hand in marriage promised to Phudin (Willie McIntosh), Mueang’s father! Will Apo be the good daughter and become Mueang’s stepmom for all the wrong reasons or follow her heart and be with the one she fell in love with on their first night stand?

Cast: Nadech Kugimiya, Kimberley Anne Woltemas,  Alex Rendell, Namwhan Phulita
Genre: Romance, Drama, Investigative Action

Release: Aug 2023
20 x 70′

When a deadly infectious disease resembling the Ebola virus ravages a small village, a team of epidemiologists led by Doctor Khunkhao (Nadech Kugimiya) races against time to investigate the source of the outbreak and contain the spread.   Khunkhao runs into Janejira (Kimberley Anne Woltemas), a relentless investigative reporter who is assigned to do a story about the mysterious deaths.  

Janejira is frustrated by Khunkhao’s elusiveness – refusing to do exclusive interviews with her.  But as their paths become more intertwined, they uncover evidence on a conspiracy between a pharmaceutical company and a fire accident that broke out 20 years ago, leaving Khunkhao and his friend Teetouch (Alex Rendell) orphaned. 

Cast: James Jirayu, Toey Jarinporn, Ryu Vachirawich, Amanda Chalisa Obda
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, LGBTQ+

Release: Jun 2023
21 x 70′

Adapted from a Thai novel about a child raised by same-sex parents, this light-hearted comedy underlines the social intolerance towards LGBTQ+ families. Matalada (Toey Jarinporn) a bubbly and bold young lady, grew up with her loving gay father – Grace, and his effeminate long-time lover Venus. Grace owns a popular LGBTQ musical/comedy show troupe and Matalada is exposed to a colorful rainbow of hardworking, creative talents who inspired her strong work ethic and optimistic outlook on life. However, Matalada still longed to mend the family rift between her father and conservative grandparents, and moves to Bangkok. She meets Dr. Purim (James Jirayu), a straight-laced heart surgeon who lives a sheltered life, void of emotions, until Matalada throws his life into a comic frenzy. 

Director: Yi Wen
Cast: You Min, Ge Lan, Ye Feng, Zhang Yang

1961 – Mandarin – 99/114 minutes

Before the Sino-Japanese war, a pair of young lovers, Zhu Lan and Xu Jianbai face objection from Xu’s parents, who want him to marry his cousin Qiuming instead.

Director: Wang Tianlin
Cast: Bai Luming, Liang Xingbo

1961 – Mandarin/Cantonese – 109 minutes

Li Sibao, a Northerner opens a swanky tailor shop next to the old-fashioned tailor shop of Zhang Sanbo, a Cantonese. The contrast in culture annoys Zhang and Li so much that they forbid their kids to befriend people from each other’s dialect group. 

Director: Wang Tianlin
Cast: Bai Luming, Lei Zhen

1964 – Mandarin/Cantonese – 108 minutes 

Northerner Tang Deren, a real estate dealer, is highly prejudiced against the Cantonese. He objects to his daughter’s relationship with Cantonese school teacher, Jian Liang.

Director: L. Krishnan
Cast: Salmah Ahmad, Noordin Ahmad, S. Roomai Noor

1958 – Malay – 100 minutes

Mr Kassim Dubas is the head of Union Bank. The bank has collapsed and the police is looking for Mr Bakar, the treasurer, who is nowhere to be found. Allegedly, Mr Bakar has absconded with the bank’s money, more than a million dollars in cash.

Director: M. Amin, Rahman B., Hussain Haniff
Cast: Fatimah Ahmad, Noordin Ahmad, M. Amin, Rose Yatimah

1962- Malay – 102 minutes

This drama reflects many themes namely loyalty, treachery and backstabbing. The King was highly respected by the commoners but abused his powers to obtain the girls that he had a liking for and made them his mistresses. As a result of his selfish acts, many young girls became his victims.

Director: Hussain Haniff
Cast: Ahmad Osman, Latiffah Omar, Fatimah Ahmad

1965 – Malay – 107 minutes 

Normah was the wife to a renowned artist, Nazir. Due to the nature of his job, Nazir perpetually had to go overseas. Normah met Jamal, a married car salesman, and spent a lot of time with him. However, Jamal left her out of guilt. Normah’s attitude began to change towards her husband until an incident occurred.