Love At First Night (Jon Kwa Ja Dai Rak Kan)

Mar 2024 – Thai – 20 x 70′ 
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Cast: Mark Prin, Yaya Urassaya, Mean Phiravich, Pear Pitchapa

Funny, charming and sarcastic, Mueang (Mark Prin) is a 27-year-old outspoken eco-warrior and geologist who likes to hug trees as a pastime.  While Apo / View (alter-ego) is a 27-year-old architect who wears her heart on her sleeve, is overworked and was recently dumped by her company, goes on the deep end when her boyfriend cheated on her.

The moment Mueang and View see each other, Cupid strikes, sparks fly…one innocent conversation leads to another, and they unexpectedly spend the night together.  Their overnight rendezvous in a cozy RV by the sea was chaotic and unforgettable.  But when Mueang gets up the next day, he finds that Apo has left without giving any details of her contact or whereabouts.

Under the pretext of a family emergency, Apo is tricked into coming back to Bangkok only to have Phudin (Willie McIntosh), a 50-year-old wealthy gem and amusement park businessman, promise her a hand in marriage. 

Mueang and Apo meet again in an extremely awkward situation – they discover that the man Apo is supposed to marry – Phudin – is actually Mueang’s father… thereupon they kick off a shaky push-pull romance that keeps them on their toes as they grapple with their families’ situation and their feelings.  Should Apo be the good daughter and become Mueang’s stepmother for all the wrong reasons, or should she follow her heart and be with the man she fell in love with on their first night? Can Mueang and Apo survive the worst  date of their lives and find true love?