Who is I.E. Entertainment?

I.E. Entertainment Pte. Ltd. is a media company covering the full spectrum of content development, production, marketing, and distribution.

The company is founded by the Suharjono sisters, Indra and Erlina, with its name constituting both their initials. Indra and Erlina are veterans in the Asian media and entertainment industry, each with over 30 years of experience dedicated across various aspects of the business. Indra’s background in brand/franchise management in the media, entertainment, licensing, and merchandising industry complements Erlina’s in the motion picture business, specifically in the acquisition, distribution, exhibition, and production of local films.

Indra and Erlina are keenly aware of the rise of local releases and homegrown talent in the last five years, and there is evidently much Asia has to offer in terms of artists and stories. Through IE Entertainment, Indra and Erlina will leverage their expertise, holistic knowledge, and unparalleled networks in creating the next generation of Asian film and television for the rest of the world.

I.E. is the exclusive distributor of Cathay-Keris classic Malay and Chinese titles. In November 2022, I.E. became the exclusive worldwide distribution partner of BEC World PLC outside of Thailand, with CLMV and Greater China being non-exclusive.


The Founders

Indra Suharjono

Erlina Suharjono