Dang Anom

1962- Malay – 102 minutes
Director:M. Amin, Rahman B., Hussain Haniff
Cast: Fatimah Ahmad, Noordin Ahmad, M. Amin, Rose Yatimah

This drama reflects many themes namely loyalty, treachery and backstabbing. The King was highly respected by the commoners. The King abused his powers to obtain the girls that he had a liking for and made them his mistresses. As a result of his selfish acts, many young girls became his victims. Those who tried to fight against the King would be mercilessly killed. None was spared. The Queen was very angry and heartbroken with her husband’s misdemeanor. She and Bija Sura allied together to get rid of the King’s mistresses. The King was completely clueless of the plan. When he did found out, he was extremely furious.

Malang was a young man who was well trained in martial arts, silat. He was appointed by his Master to be the guard of the King. A message from Betara Majapahit in the form of a rolled “kalung” was presented to the King which was seen as a way to shame the King. The King presented shaven hair as a gift in return.

As a result, both countries started to war with each other. Panglima Malang led the troop from Singapore. They were triumphant. The villagers celebrated and followed the troop back to the palace. At that time, Dang Anom, Panglima Malang’s lover, was seen by the King. The King was enamored by her beauty and intended to take her as one of his mistresses. Sang Lajunatapa was utterly remorseful about what that had occurred but he did not have the power to go against the King. Panglima Malang was very devastated when he heard that Dang Anom had became the King’s.

One day, Dang Anom allied with one of the palace maid to meet Panglima Malang in the palace garden but Bija Sura and the Queen found out.

They decided to capture the two lovers so as to aggravate the King. They wanted the King to punish and shame the two of them. Even so, the King tried to cajole Dang Anom so as to make a false accusation in order to let her be free of the punishment. Dang Anom, however, stuck to her guns and was willing to die with Panglima Malang. 

Sang Lujunatapa and his wife tried to plea with the King so as to lighten the punishment on Dang Anom but with the persuasion of Bija Sura and the Queen, the punishment was permeated. During that moment, troop from Majapahit tried to capture Sang Lajunatapa. They wanted him to open the city gate so as to allow them in and in return, they would help save Dang Anom. Sang Lajunatapa refused initially due to his loyalty to the King but however, changed his mind as he wanted his daughter to be safe.

The King had to run for his life and hide away as he was extremely worried about his own safety. Bija Sura killed Panglima Malang and Dang Anom before she was even saved. Sang Lajunatapa had to battle it out with Bija Sura but was killed eventually.The Majapahit troop captured Bija Sura and killed him.