Chinta Kaseh Sayang

1965 – Malay – 107 minutes 
Director: Hussain Haniff
Cast: Ahmad Osman, Latiffah Omar, Fatimah Ahmad

Normah was the wife to a renowned artist, Nazir. Due to the nature of his job, Nazir perpetually had to go overseas to handle business dealings for the sales of his works. When he stayed at home, Nazir had to spend most of his time painting. As a result, he did not uphold his responsibility as a husband well.

Normah felt ousted especially when Nazir did not allow her to follow to Kelantan. He gave the excuse that it was strictly for business purposes.

Jamal, a car seller and spouse to Rokiah, became attracted to Normah’s beauty when they bumped into each other one day. Even though he knew that Normah was married, Jamal was adamant in wanting to get to know her and strived on in attempting to win her over.

Normah, who was coincidentally feeling isolated and lonely due to her husband’s cold air towards her, started to respond to Jamal’s advances. Jamal began to reach home late giving the excuse that he was given extra workload from his boss. Normah and Jamal began to spend a lot of time together. 

Abdullah, Jamal’s neighbour, had all along been attracted to Rokiah in silence. One night, when Jamal was not at home, Abdullah went over to his house with the excuse that he needed to  use the telephone. After confirming from Rokiah that Jamal was not home, Abdullah poured out his feelings to Rokiah and let the cat out of the bag about Jamal’s infidelity.

Jamal began to realize the detrimental effects his actions had brought upon his own marriage. He made a decision to go to Perak, Rokiah’s hometown. There, Jamal helped Rokiah’s father to settle his business.

Normah’s attitude began to change towards her husband. After being left by Jamal, she started to befriend other gentlemen.

However, one very incident that befell on her changed her entire opinion towards her husband, Nazir.