Royal Doctor (Mor Luang)

Mar 2023 – Thai – 22 x 70′ 
Genre: Period Romance Drama/Comedy
Cast: Mario Maurer, Kimberley Anne Woltemas, Masu Junyangdikul, Sirilak Kwong

Bua (Kimberley Anne Woltermas), a medical student from today’s 5G era, is mysteriously swept back to King Rama III’s reign – the golden era of Thai traditional medicine.  Immediately thrown into an unknown world where she finds allies and rivals, her modern ways inevitably clash with  old traditions… she is forced to align herself with the period’s society of doctors.   The country’s most respected doctor –  Luang Chamnanvej (or Dr. Thong Kam – Golden Doctor), has two sons… Thong-Tae, also known as Dr. Thong-Tae (Masu), son of the Golden Doctor’s head-wife.  Being the first-born son of the head-wife, he is more privileged and is perceived to be the polite and compassionate and highly competent young doctor.  While the 2nd son Dr. Thong-Ohn (Mario Maurer), born to Pikul – the deputy wife, is known to be the black sheep of the family.  Thong-Ohn is seen as temperamental and one that does not seem to care for his duties.  Knowing his place within the family, Thong-Ohn, the more intelligent of the two brothers, pretend to behave foolishly and hides his gift for healing – he secretly heals the sick.  Satisfied with being the gracious loyal brother,  Thong-Ohn  lets his attention-seeking brother take the spotlight, to avoid family conflicts.

Bua is intrigued by the seemingly ne’er do well Thong-Ohn, and an unlikely relationship ignited between them as she discovers his kindness and brilliance.  When a mysterious storm that could transport Bua back to the future is forecasted, Bua’s heart is torn between returning to her present-day life or staying in the past for love.  

What if the one you were meant for…live centuries apart?  Will she sacrifice life in the present for love in the past?