Doctor Detective (Sueb Lub Mor Rabard)

Aug 2023 – Thai – 20 x 70′ 
Genre: Romance, Drama, Investigative Action
Cast: Nadech Kugimiya, Kimberley Anne Woltemas, Alex Rendell, Namwhan Phulita

When a deadly infectious disease resembling the Ebola virus ravages a small village, a team of epidemiologists led by Doctor Khunkhao (Nadech Kugimiya) races against time to investigate the source of the outbreak and contain the spread.   Khunkhao runs into Janejira (Kimberley Anne Woltemas), a relentless investigative reporter who is assigned to do a story about the mysterious deaths.  

Janejira is frustrated by Khunkhao’s elusiveness – refusing to do exclusive interviews with her.  But as their paths become more intertwined, they realize that more progress can be made if they team up.  Together, they uncover evidence of a conspiracy involving RDK pharmaceutical company and the fire that broke out at the GMP laboratory 20 years ago, which orphaned Khunkhao and his friend Teetouch (Alex Rendell) – who is then adopted by Mrs. Radakorn, a billionaire philanthropist and RDK’s major shareholder.

These suspicious discoveries and traumatic past event shed light on why Khunkhao is  emotionally closed off from love.  For fear of experiencing the pain of losing someone again, he even keeps  his childhood friend – Doctor Mintra (Namwhan Phulita) who has conflicted feelings for him, from getting  emotionally close.  While Teetouch, believing that Khunkhao’s mother caused his parent’s death and out of loyalty to his adoptive mother, tries every which way to prevent Khunkhao and Janejira from unraveling RDK’s sinister operations…. not knowing, that it is Mrs. Radakorn that holds the unimaginable secret.

Is the forensic evidence that can bring about closure and justice to all the victims, being maliciously concealed?  Will Janejira be able to break through Khunkhao’s emotional walls and open his heart to love?  Find the answers in this emotionally scorching investigative thriller.