Orang Minyak

1958 – Malay – 100 minutes
Director: L. Krishnan
Cast: Salmah Ahmad, Noordin Ahmad, S. Roomai Noor

This film is an action cum thriller movie, filled with suspense. It reveals about people who are envious of others wealth and would stoop at anything to steal them. In getting them, they set devious traps and made others as scapegoat. 

In the village, the chaos about the attack of the `oil man` is widely spread. Many became victims but no one including the police is able to nab the `oil man`.

 Meanwhile, an old woman, Mak Wan and her niece, Rohaya, moved to the village and lived in a big house belonging to the wealthy Kassim Dubas. The house was left vacant after the death of the owner but a relative, Rashid Dubas, rented the house to the Mak Wan. Initially, the women felt scared living in the big house but eventually grew comfortable with its ambience. However, they began to receive letters threatening them to leave the house immediately but were ignored. 

At the same time, a bank robbery took place and Union Bank was robbed of a million dollars. Bakar was the prime suspect for the robbery and hence he disguised himself as a gardener at Mak Wan`s house.

Mak Wan made a police report when she discovered that Bakar was involved in the robbery. Thus, Inspector Darzuki was assigned to the case and had to question Mak Wan for any findings. Dr. Wahid, a friend of Rohaya, knew that the robbery money was kept in the house and he also has designs on getting them. Likewise, Rohaya and Mak Wan also knew of the money but they do not know of its hide out. On the same night, Inspector Darzuki arrived at the house, where there were no peculiar signs. However, suddenly, the maid, Leha screamed upon seeing the `oil man`.

Rohaya and Dr. Wahid were more determined to search the house for the secret location after the incident. Hence, Rohaya called Rashid Dubas to ask him for the blueprint of the house so that it would be easier for them to search for the money. Rashid who was aware of their scheming intention wanted to destroy the blueprint but was threatened by Rohaya. Once the blueprint was in her hands, suddenly someone shot Rashid. Rohaya who was shocked and frightened, told Inspector Darzuki endlessly that she was not the culprit. Thus, Wahid was summoned next to give his account on the death of Rashid Dubas. Wahid told the inspector that Rashid was shot from the above storey.

Inspector Darzuki was suspicios of Wahid and insisted that he surrender the blueprint to him. Thus, both men got into a heated argument and that the inspector`s handcuffs were used by Wahid to manacle Inspector Darzuki. At the same time, the `oil man` sprung on an attack again. Leha got paranoid and frightened of the `oil man`.  Thus, Mak Wan, Rohaya, Leha, Bakar and Wahid decided to inspect the entire house. However, they were disrupted when an unknown guy came to the house covered with blood, looking distant.

They continued to search the house and discovered a secret room. To their dismay, the bagful of money had disappeared, leaving only a trail. However, they managed to find the corpse of the house owner, Kassim Dubas. Mak Wan and Bakar tried to crack the mystery of the missing money and unexplained deaths. Bakar speculated that Kassim was recently killed over his discovery that the stolen money was hidden in his house. Suddenly, they found money worth of a million dollars in Leha`s basket. However, Leha explained that the basket had been missing for the past few days. Thus, the thieve must had planned to make Mak Wan, Leha, Rohaya and Bakar as the scapegoat. Bakar also predicted that the person who is after the stolen money would be back in the house soon.

Meanwhile, they kept patrolling the secret room to look out for any peculiar signs. When night falls, they hid in the room, putting out the light from the candle. As expected, the `oil man` crept into the room through the window. Immediately, Bakar and the unknown guy captured the `oil man` while Mak Wan bite the latter’s thumb. Instantly, the `oil man` turned into the form of a human being. 

All were shocked upon discovering that the `oil man` is actually Inspector Darzuki. The unknown guy then revealed that he is the real Inspector Darzuki. He was covered in blood after being beaten endlessly by someone during his journey to the house. Thus, he intentionally pretended to have lost his memory so that he could nab the person behind the 2 deaths and the stolen money. Fortunately, the mystery was solved and the `oil man` is the culprit.