To The Moon And Back (Matalada)

Jun 2023 – Thai – 21 x 70′ 
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, LGBTQ+
Cast: James Jirayu, Toey Jarinporn, Ryu Vachirawich, Amanda Chalisa Obda

Adapted from a Thai novel about a child raised by same-sex parents, it takes a light-hearted comedic approach to underscore the social intolerance towards LGBTQ+ families.  Matalada challenges the stereotypical assumption of what “family” and “role models” mean. 

Matalada (Toey Jarinporn) a bubbly, kind, energetic and bold young lady, grew up with her loving gay father – Grace, and his effeminate long-time lover Venus….Matalada’s stepmom.  Grace owns a popular LGBTQ musical/comedy show troupe, where he creates a balanced and diverse work-family environment for Matalada so she is exposed to a colorful rainbow of hardworking, creative, and talented people who inspires her to adopt a strong work ethic and optimistic outlook on life.  

Though she loved her free-spirited childhood, Matalada has always wanted to go to Bangkok to mend a family rift – her father Krekpol, before changing his name to Grace, was disowned by her ultra-conservative grand-parents Pao and Fern when he came out to them, refusing to stay married to a woman and live a lie.  Matalada is determined to wear down and melt her stubborn grandparent’s hearts. 

Unaware of Matalada’s true intention, Grace supports her move to Bangkok where she accidentally bumps into hottie Doctor Purim (James Jirayu).   Purim is a straight-laced heart surgeon who lives a sheltered, emotionless existence, he doesn’t know what he wants out of life until he encounters Matalada who throws his life into a tailspin.  What ensues is comic chaos….


Can Matalada’s LGBTQ+ life experiences open Dr. Purim’s heart to life’s great wondrous adventures, and escape his father’s overbearing influence and self-centered expectations…to live free and love madly?