Love Destiny 2 (Prom Likit)

Oct 2023 – Thai – 26 x 70′ 
Genre: Period, Romance, Drama
Cast: Bella Ranee, Pope Thanavat, Punjan Prama, Prang Kannarun

“Those who are guilty of unforgivable sins and partake in the sacred incantation will suffer a painful death.” – Krishna Kali Manuscript.

Love Destiny sequel picks up immediately after the previous part where 17th century wicked and selfish Ayutthaya era dead noblewoman Karakade is revived when the soul of a virtuous modern-day woman – Kadesurang enters her dead body.  When Kadesurang wakes up in Karakade’s body, everyone was confused with her complete change in personality – her playful, kindness, and selflessness eventually won over everyone’s hearts including her fiancé Dej with whom she had twins with – Rid and Ruang.  

The birth of the twins marks the prelude and tail-piece for this epic story of a forever love. Life naturally moves on, weaving a tapestry of the past and present that sculpt Love Destiny 2’s present-day reality.       

Present-day, Pudtarn unearthed an antique wooden chest whilst supervising the gardens….inside is a tattered ancient-looking manuscript and when she delicately tries to pry the pages, she is transported back in time.  When she regains consciousness, she is in the midst of a struggle with Rid, one of the twins. Their contentious first chance meeting evolves into a close bond, but both cannot shake the intense feeling that they have an inexplicable connection and that their chance encounter was not of coincidence.


While they try to unravel each other’s strange past, they fall in love. Upon choosing an auspicious date for their wedding, the decaying chest that holds the Krishna Kali Manuscript explodes into a blinding light that encompasses Pudtarn – where she discovers that she and Rid share an incredible karmic past….she was Princess Attitaya in her past life, who was to marry Prince Thikumponraja.  But out of jealousy and pettiness, she committed unforgivable sins against General Aninlabot, who is Rid reincarnate.  Putarn also sees why her soul is destined to repeat an exhausting journey from one living to the next, over and over – caught in a vicious karmic cycle.

Is this an impossible love? Was it destiny or a karmic sin she has to repay? Can their love break the vicious karmic cycle?